About Us

We are a father/son team of artisans. We handcraft all of our products ourselves in our Litchfield, CT shop. Dave (father) has been working with wood for 30 years. He can guide you on design, sizes and installation methods. Pete (son) does most of the distressing & staining. We take great pride in our products. We deliver throughout the Northeastern United States and can ship anywhere. Most installations are simple and can be done by a professional carpenter. Tech support is just a phone call away.

About Hand-Hewn Barn Beams

Our process carefully crafts vintage beams by hand out of quality, real wood.  We don’t simply mimic the patina of rustic wood with thin veneer or printed patterns; we carefully re-create it using non-traditional means.  Our solid wood products are virtually indistinguishable from actual reclaimed wood, even when viewed up close.

We purchase all of our materials from small locally-owned suppliers.  These suppliers acquire responsibly-harvested timber from mills in the northeastern USA.

The Advantages of Our Hand-Hewn Box Beams

Predictable and efficient lead times

The limited supply of reclaimed wood can make it difficult and time-consuming to procure. Our hand-crafted box beams can be produced and delivered to fit your schedule.



Consistent color & texture

Finding an adequate supply of similar reclaimed wood can be a challenge, especially for larger jobs.  Our box beams will have consistent color and texture in any quantity and size you need.


No permitting issues

Reclaimed barn beams aren’t rated and often cause issues with structural approval.  Barn box beams are not structural.  You can get approvals on your structural beams and then simply cover those with our beautiful barn box beams.


Made to Specification

Beams are made to your specifications, eliminating waste.


Lightweight and very easy to install

Box beams weigh just a fraction of what solid beams weigh.  They can either mount directly over existing structural beams or they can be attached to a simple furring strip.


Clean, No Surprises

We’ve seen brand-new houses get tented for insects that came burrowed within reclaimed beams. Our hand-hewn barn box beams are made with freshly-milled, quality wood.  They will not have dirt, insects, or unexpected metal.